Track Record

Our unparalleled track record across a diversity of sectors and geographies demonstrates our ability to select, deploy and implement the best ideas to address global development challenges.

Demonstrating Enhanced Impact

Evidence from Shell Foundation’s Change in Approach

Effectively Managed Philanthropic Capital
  • Managed capital for families, foundations, institutional investors and corporates across different asset classes – philanthropy, private equity and public equity
  • Set-up and led the Shell Foundation from 2000-2015, deploying over $200m and effecting a change in strategy from a traditional approach to a “business-based approach” that achieved significantly greater impact
  • Extensive networks and track record in tackling social and environmental issues in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Supported/ co-created over 25 of the most globally successful and impactful organisations (not for profit and social enterprises) including CottonConnect, M-Kopa, EMBARQ, Envirofit & GroFin
  • Used a range of grant structures and non-grant instruments to support the disciplined growth of these organisations
  • Known as a “pioneer” in philanthropy and published articles and reports on lessons learned